Customer Quotes

"We needed the best PostgreSQL services and support organization in the world to support one of the largest PostgreSQL OLTP installations in the world."
Akash Garg
Co-Founder and CEO

"This partnership with EnterpriseDB gives Oracle customers a clear and painless migration strategy. This is a long-term strategic agreement that provides organizations new options to more easily manage their migration to TwinFin, therefore increasing performance and reducing cost."
Jim Baum
President & CEO

"We are pleased to partner with EnterpriseDB, the world's foremost PostgreSQL experts, for the benefit of NTT, the Japanese market, and the worldwide PostgreSQL community."
Noritaka Uji
Senior Executive Vice President

"EnterpriseDB's superior support and robust management tools help us to reduce costly downtime and improve the overall experience for our customers."
Emma Lovett
Technical Manager

"Eighty percent of our applications don't have to be rewritten to work on EnterpriseDB."
David Manifold
Director Database Services

"EnterpriseDB allows us to bring the benefits of open source to all our customers, large and small, without sacrificing the quality or performance of our retail management solution."
Eric Olafson