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EDB launches first integrated open source-based operational database management platform. Read more...

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PostgreSQL 9.6

Parallel sequential scan, no autovacuum of unchanged data, multiple synchronous streaming replicas, and full-text search for phrases.

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Postgres의 프로덕션 모범 사례

많은 기업들이 postgres 어플리케이션을 배포할 때, 혹은 기업의 성장에 따라 확장할 때의 문제 해결 방식을 배워보십시오.

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Postgres Enterprise Manager

Increased productivity for DBAs through integration with Nagios monitoring, EDB Postgres Failover Manager, and native replication tools.

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EDB Postgres Advanced Server 9.6

Gain the advantage of powerful enterprise features including increased security and auditing, better scalability, and improved performance.

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