EDB Postgres Advanced Server and JBoss Enterprise Middleware

EDB Postgres Advanced Server and JBoss Middleware offer powerful solutions for a wide variety of Java applications, including Web 2.0, SaaS and general business applications.

PostgreSQL represents the only true independent open source database capable of handling todays needs for ACID compliance, security, scalability, programming language support, server side debugging, and easy to use tooling. Check out some of the high impact resources below that will get you off to a fast start with PostgreSQL or EDB Postgres Advanced Server.

EDB Postgres Advanced Server Resources for JBoss Developers

xDB Replication Server

Replicate Oracle® data to low cost open source PostgreSQL as a reporting server and improve both your OLTP performance as well as your reporting performance. EDB Postgres Replication Server details.

나에게 맞는 PostgreSQL은?

Discover the differences between PostgreSQL and EDB Postgres Advanced Server and optimize your choice of open source database. Download Which PostgreSQL is Right for Me.

개발자 서브스크립션

Provides long term application development support for your PostgreSQL project assuring you of getting the performance you expect with access to experts and advice in implementing application code and perfecting diagnostic techniques. EDB Postgres Developer Subscription details.

Migrating from Oracle® to EDB Postgres Advanced Server

Join EDB's Craig Silveira for 5 minutes as he uses the GUI based Migration Studio to migrate the HR demo database from Oracle Express Edition to EDB Postgres Advanced Server. After migration Craig demonstrates simple command line tools to resolve common troubleshooting issues.

Download EDB Postgres Advanced Server

The PostgreSQL database with Scalability, Performance, and Oracle features not found in the community version of PostgreSQL. Download EDB Postgres Advanced Server now!

PostgreSQL 내에서의 데이터 처리

Bruce Momjian, PostgreSQL Community Leader and EDB Senior Architect, explains in this 3 part series, the details of how to move processing from your application into the database to improve data consistency, administration, and performance.

전사적 앱을 위한 새로운 분업

웹 및 전사적 어플리케이션 아키텍처는 JBoss를 이용해 컴퓨팅/ 디스플레이/ 데이터의 집약적 작업을 수행합니다. 하지만, Web 2.0 및 기타 어플리케이션에서는 하이 트랜잭션 및 대량의 데이터를 위한 큰 확장성이 요구됩니다. JBoss와 Postgres Plus가 어떻게 균형 있게 작업을 분배하는지 확인하십시오.

Easy Monitoring for EDB Postgres Advanced Server

EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager, the only enterprise-wide architected management tool for database developers, DBAs and system administrators who are looking to efficiently monitor, manage, and tune large Postgres deployments across their entire organization. Tell me more about EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager.

데이터베이스에 관한 최악의 습관: 개발자들이 가장 많이 저지르는 5가지 실수

Applications today are growing more and more complex, and with that complexity comes the increased risk of error. Join EDB experts as they discuss the "Top 5" mistakes that developers make and how to avoid them. View the Worst Practices webcast.

Oracle® 데이터베이스 호환성에 관한 개발자 가이드

어떠한 PostgreSQL 기반 어플리케이션에서든 이용할 수 있는 Advanced Server의 Oracle 유사 기능에 대한 폭 넓은 참고 자료.

EDB Postgres Advanced Server Features Matrix

Want to know exactly what the difference is between PostgreSQL and EDB Postgres Advanced Server? This extensive side by side feature checklist says it all! PostgreSQL vs EDB Postgres Advanced Server

PostgreSQL 공유 메모리 들여다보기

Bruce Momjian, PostgreSQL Community Leader and EDB Senior Architect, explains how PostgreSQL shares information among processes using shared memory.




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