PostgreSQL 개요

PostgreSQL is the world’s most advanced open source database. Developed over 25 years by a vibrant and independent open source community, PostgreSQL was born from the same research as Oracle and DB2 and contains comparable enterprise-class features such as full Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability (ACID) compliance for outstanding transaction reliability and Multi-Version Concurrency Control (MVCC) for supporting high concurrent loads.

PostgreSQL supports standards such as ANSI SQL and SQL/MED, including foreign data wrappers (FDW) for remote data sources such as MySQL, MongoDB and many others, and yet is highly extensible with support for over 12 procedural languages, GIN and GIST indexes, geospatial data, and NoSQL for document (JSON) and key-value-based applications.

세상에서 가장 진일보한 오픈 소스 데이터베이스
나날이 성장 중인 대규모 독립 커뮤니티에서 25년 넘게 공들여 개발
현재 가장 안전한 오픈 소스 데이터베이스
EnterpriseDB 자체 PostgreSQL 전문가들의 완벽 지원
규모와 업종을 가리지 않고 공공부문과 민간부문의 전 세계 조직에 폭넓게 배포

New Release: PostgreSQL 9.6

  • Parallel sequential scan
  • No autovacuum of unchanged data
  • Multiple synchronous streaming replicas
  • Full-text search for phrases


PostgreSQL 지원 및 EDB 툴 구매 방법

An EDB Postgres Standard subscription provides best-in-class PostgreSQL support and EDB tools for management, high availability, disaster recovery, integration and migration.

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EnterpriseDB에서 개발한 기타 소프트웨어

EnterpriseDB는 커뮤니티 후원자 및 기여자로서 활동하는 것 외에도 엔터프라이즈급 데이터베이스 환경을 지원할 수 있도록 설계된 기타 Postgres 관련 소프트웨어도 공급하고 있습니다.

자세히 보기 EDB Postgres Advanced Server

EDB Postgres Advanced Server continually integrates each major, minor and security release of community PostgreSQL and then adds enterprise security, performance, manageability, development and database compatibility for Oracle designed for large enterprise requirements. EDB Advanced Server's compatibility allows existing Oracle users to move their applications to a lower cost alternative while preserving their investment in Oracle code, skills and practices.

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자세히 보기EDB Tool Suites

The EDB Tool suites for integration, management, and migration make your databases highly available, faster and easier to manage, and allow integration with other data sources. A free trial of EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager, EDB Postgres Replication Server, EDB Postgres Backup and Recovery, and EDB Postgres Migration Toolkit are included in either the PostgreSQL or EDB Postgres Advanced Server downloads - after the database installs, run StackBuilder (Plus) and look for EDB tools.