Embedded & Bundled Database (OEM/ISV) Partners

The ISV OEM Partner Program is designed for organizations that embed EnterpriseDB's open source Postgres based database products within their packaged solutions. EnterpriseDB offers flexible pricing plans to accommodate a range of partner business models.


Atomogy is a global provider of cost-effective and innovative software engineering and professional services, with extensive expertise in enterprise J2EE and open-source leveraged business systems development.


Compiere, Inc. delivers the most widely used open source enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) solution with more than 1.2 million software downloads.

HIA Technology de Venezuela S.A.

HIA Technology de Venezuela, C.A., es una empresa venezolana con proyección internacional, creada en los albores del Siglo XXI para ofrecer soluciones a las diferentes necesidades empresariales en el área de las Tecnologías de Información y Comunicación (TIC's). En HIA Technology de Venezuela, C.A., contamos con un grupo de profesionales experimentados en investigación y desarrollo de software aplicado a servicios de gestión empresarial, Internet y formación, mediante tecnologías de última generación.


Icefire is both a challenger and enabler, as well as a strategic partner to the companies in the banking and financial services market. We combine traditional software development experience with exceptional out-of-the box thinking and business knowledge to help to re-engineer, optimise and transform our customers' businesses. Our people, being former business executives and senior ICT architects and developers, possess a comprehensive expertise across business domains like financial services, banking and telecom. Having done great projects for companies like Skype, Pocopay, Swedbank, Telia, etc., our strength lies in the ability to carry out analysis of every relevant aspect of the organisation's current operations, as well as future objectives, while covering both business and technical analysis, and IT development.


Infor offers deep industry-specific applications and suites, engineered for speed, and with an innovative user experience design that is simple, transparent, and elegant. Infor provides flexible deployment options that give customers a choice to run their businesses in the cloud, on-site, or both.


Lequa is a Swedish-based company that strives to build the bridge between the physical and digital worlds to enable digital business interactions with legal assurance. Through Lequa Model™ and Lequinox™ Technology, we help managers solve issues related to identification, authentication and validation of individuals and organisations, and ensure integrity of information and traceability of actions. With over 12 years of experience in helping clients overcome challenges in the digital world, Lequa adds value across industry sectors such as large firm, E-service providers, IT consultancy, financial institutions and the public sector. To learn more please visit us at www.lequa.com

MeVis BreastCare

MeVis BreastCare (MBC) develops integrated solutions for soft copy reading in the diagnosis, assessment and therapy of breast disease. Our high-throughput softcopy reading solutions are dedicated to diagnostic and screening mammography, and to multi-modality viewing, including MRI of the breast.


The Dutch Local Government faces big challenges as more and more tasks are decentralized whilst available resources are declining. The public sector and commercial parties are increasingly entering into partnerships in order to transfer more responsibility to its citizens who increasingly have to use self-service facilities. Local Government agencies are increasingly pushed to offer such direct services, requiring them to enter into partnerships and finding alternative ways to working. PinkRoccade Local Government is an IT solutions provider that offers and suppport new, flexible solutions that meets the needs of local government entities, working in a co-creation partnership manner to enable the new services required.



 PointCross is the world's first company to provide contextual communications and process management software.


Tomax is the leading provider of realtime merchandising and store execution applications and services. The Tomax Retail.net suite helps retailers connect the dots across the demand-driven retail continuum, integrating people and processes, and providing timely, relevant, actionable information to improve retail results.

Compiere Delivers Open Source Alternatives

"Postgres Plus Advanced Server has quickly become a popular choice among our global customers. We're pleased to provide Enzyme Testing Labs and other customers with a database alternative that leverages open source advantages of transparency, ease of integration, and long-term value. We expect to see many more Compiere customers choose Postgres Plus Advanced Server in the future."

Stuart Bagshaw